Buy some excellent Chinese calligraphy (cheap)!

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Buy some excellent Chinese calligraphy (cheap)!

Postby long_way » Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:21 pm

After I spent 5-6 days on Wudangshan mountain in May of 2007 I was returning back to Wuhan, however it was May 1st so it was impossible to get a hard-sleeper ticket to Wuhan from Wudangshan city (which is a small city). Instead the lady who was selling the tickets (and one nice gentleman who was interpreting and advocating for me, a martial-arts teacher from one of the wushu schools on the mountain) decided to sell me a ticket from a nearby city called Shíyàn (十堰) which is just an hour ride on a minibus from Wudangshan City (the ticket was Y5-6, but the minibus was packed to the gills).

So on May1st I arrived in Shiyan before noon and since my train was leaving around 3:00 in the afternoon I had some time to kill.

I was walking randomly around the train station and just across the street from the train station I came across a gentleman who was selling very beautiful Chinese calligraphy. Later I learned his name was Mr Niú Hóng Míng (牛宏明) and he was an award-winning calligrapher from that city.

At that time I bought 3 pieces of his art and took his business card (he also gave me a photocopied article from the Chinese newspaper featuring his work).

When I came to Shanghai in November of 2007 I got in touch with Mr Niu again (my friend called him on my behalf, he doesn't speak English) and I bought another 10 paintings.

I asked Mr Niu if I could post his contact information on the web site and he agreed. I don't have any business deal with Mr Niu, you get in touch with him directly if you want to buy some of his art. I am just trying to do him a favour.

This is his address:


His telephone number is: +86-719-878-3110

As I said Mr Niu doesn't speak English so you will have these options:

1) You will speak Chinese with him,
2) You will ask your friend who speak Chinese to negotiate with Mr Niu on your behalf,
3) You can contact one of our Yi Long Wei Friends to contact Mr Niu and make arrangements for you. The list of Yi Long Wei Friends (Chinese students) is here:

In the subject line of this post I wrote that his work is cheap which is true for the western standards. The price will depend on the size and what kind of script you want Mr Niu to use (small seal script is more expensive than others, also cursive script is more expensive than the regular script).

Learn more about Chinese calligraphy:

However you will be able to buy art for $30-$40 which by any means is worth over $100 in the west. The price will depend on your bargaining skills too.

I checked at the post office in China; packages up to one kilogram cost Y100 to be mailed to Canada (the US is probably the same, Europe maybe a bit more).

Here is the excerpt from the newspaper article (published on April 7th 2006) Mr Niu gave me:

"Mr Niu Hong Ming, aged 67 this year, has been awarded "World Bronze Artist" prize by the Chinese Modern Cultural Union/federation. His works of calligraphy have been sent to exhibitions more than 400 times in more than 20 provinces/cities in China and got awards not a few times. His work has been sent to exhibitions in Japan, America, France and South-East Asian countries. In 1998 he won the golden prize at the calligraphy exhibition of "Works to Praise China"; He was awarded the golden prize "Artist of the Year" in the year 2003, and got the special prize of all-China calligraphy in September of 2005. Also he got the first prize of cultural arts competition of experienced artists and young artists in October of 2005."

Here are the photographs of Mr Niu's art I bought in May of 2007 (only to pieces are shown here): ... b538_b.jpg ... 8c60_b.jpg

Here is his business card: ... apher1.jpg ... apher2.jpg

This is his promotional material he included with the calligraphy when he mailed it to me in December of 2007: ... _niu_1.jpg ... _niu_5.jpg ... _niu_6.jpg ... _niu_2.jpg ... _niu_3.jpg ... _niu_4.jpg

Here is some calligraphy which is not Mr Niu's, I took those pictures in Zhouzhuang water town near Shanghai: ... a3d2_b.jpg ... 86e0_b.jpg ... dd5f_b.jpg ... ba6e_b.jpg ... 93b4_b.jpg
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