"International Youth Hostel" Scam

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"International Youth Hostel" Scam

Postby long_way » Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:12 pm

Scott has reported on his blog that one "inventive" Chinese hostel owner in Tangkou, at the foot of Huangshan Mountain, had put up "International Youth Hostel" signage on his hostel when in fact his hostel did not have anything to do with this reputable chain of youth hostels.

Lesson learned: Check the web site and find out which hostels belong to "Hosteling International" (link to their web site is in our LINK section: http://www.yilongwei.com/links/web_sites.htm ).

Check out Scott's report here:

http://thoughtbyscott.com/blog/2007/11/ ... huangshan/
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