Taiwanese (old time) scams...

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Taiwanese (old time) scams...

Postby long_way » Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:07 pm

"In another thread,"street hoaxer - 吊模(diao4mo2)", taijidan mentioned this new term, 吊模(diao4mo2). In the old time, in Taiwan, we have a term for this type of scam when it turned into black mailing, and it is called "仙人跳" (xian1 ren2 tiao4). 仙人跳 usually happens with one girl or woman who will come over to you to flirt or to ask for your help. When you go home or go to a hotel room with her and in a state of comprimising position (or even not too much so), her boyfriend or husband will come with a lot of his friends and black mail you a chunk of money for dishonoring his woman! Sometimes, if you are in a smaller bar or a smaller club that is primarily their friends or people, being in a more isolated seat talking with the woman could also be dangerous for such black mail.

吊凱子 (diao4 kai3 zi - hooking generous guy) is also a term in Taiwan. Many young women or girls would stand outside of bars, clubs, or movie theaters or nice restaurants to see if anyone wealthy would come and invite them to go in there for a free meal or free fun. They are not hookers and not interested in giving any actual physical favors to the rich guys. However, they might let them taking a bit of advantages like holding their hands or sneak in a kiss or two. They would usually disappear either nicely or abruptly after she had enough fun. The rich guy is called 凱子 (kai3 zi - generous guy) or more snickeringly by the girls and others, 冤大頭 (yuan1 da4 tou2 - innocent/naive big heads). These girls mentioned as 吊模(diao4mo2 - the models who hook) are doing the same actions as those girls in Taiwan but more professional. The ones who got hooked would be considered as the 冤大頭 (yuan1 da4 tou2 - innocent/naive big heads).

凱子 (kai3 zi - generous guy) must be generous and might not be rich. Many great 凱子 (kai3 zi) are actually the poorer guys who want to impress pretty girls. This is not from my own experiences -- I was a pretty serious young woman and generally did not like such activities and such mentalities. I believe in having one boyfriend at a time and never having any affairs within the marriage. I also would not have my boyfriend(s) pay for my meals when we go out dating. I learned all these from my god sisters, my maids, my father's secretaries, my mom's tailors, and my classmates! They were all about 14 -20 or so and pretty wild. Listening to them, I picked up quite a few tips of how to spot the potential victims, how to 吊凱子 (diao4 kai3 zi) or hook them, how to flirt correctly without giving in too much, and how to give them the slip when things (flirting) gets too serious and too dangerous (too close to give the real thing). If the 凱子 (kai3 zi) is really nice, the girls sometimes would decide to really date them and become their true girlfriends. However, being nice is not being stupid. No Chinese women would get too impressed with men who stupidly throwing money at strange girls or women without knowing them for a while -- The idea is: If he would do this for me now, wouldn't he do the same thing when another younger or prettier girl coming along later after he is dating me? "

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