Bargain Tour of the City Scam

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Bargain Tour of the City Scam

Postby long_way » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:34 am

"One other scam is the bargain tour of city where somebody who is supposedly a driver who offers to take you to all the major tourist attractions of the city for a cutthroat price and with no time limit.

He may even offer you his identity card and show you some sort of "tour operator license". These people can typically be found in the arrival halls of airports and ferry terminals as well as at major border crossings.

If one accepts the offer, the driver would typically drug his passengers and coax them to hand over all the valuables, which the passenger would usually comply under the influence of the drugs (a similar scam is often practiced in Thailand).

Such people can be rather persuasive so be firm with them and walk away if they continue to pester you. If they get too persistent, threaten to report them to the police as touting is illegal in China.

If you require a vehicle with a driver, arrange for one through your hotel instead or negotiate with a friendly taxi driver as most offer all day reserved vehicle service. "
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