Shandong Province – local specialties

Capital: Jinan, 济南, Jǐnán

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Shandong Province – local specialties

Postby long_way » Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:01 pm

Qingdao beer, Yantai apples, Laiyang pears, Feicheng peaches, Longkou bean vermicelli, Dezhou braised chicken, Dong’e donkey-hide glue, Weifang kites and Zibo glassware.

Taishan Mountain: Food: Local dishes feature Taishan tofu banquet and three-flavour soup (cabbage, tofu and water); local snacks are Taishan pan-cake and Dongping porridge.

Other products: Local products include Taishan Lingzhi (Genoderma Lucidum), Hongyu apricot, feichang peach, chestnut, walnut, tea, red pigment fish, Yanzi stone, Ningyang cricket, and medicinal herbs.

Qufu: Food: Local flavour dishes include Smoked Beancurd, Kong Family Hotpot and Steamed Duck.

Other products: Fragrant rice, Guodan apricot and mineral water are known as the “three treasures of Qufu”. The Kong Family Mansion liquor, Kaidao Wood Carving, woolen carpet, Dragon-head walking stick and Nishan Inkstone are the five specialties of central Shandong.
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