Shanxi Province – local specialties

Capital: Taiyuan, 太原, Tàiyuán

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Shanxi Province – local specialties

Postby long_way » Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:46 pm

Pingyao beef (Guanyun beef), Changzhi pilose asiabell root, Xinghuacun Fenjiu Spirits, Qingxu grapes and mature vinegar, Qinzhou millet and Yuanping pears.

Pingyao: Food: Noodles are the favorite food of local people, which include noodle with gravy (Dalu noodle), noodle with soybean paste, and Cuoyu’er (dough pieces). Visitors can taste Pingyao snacks on the Ming-Qing Street.

Datong: Food: Local snacks include Youmian noodle, yellow cake, simmered meat, Baihua Sumai, mutton chopsuey and fried dough pieces. Other local specialties are Datong daily lily Hengshan milk vetch, Datong buckthorn and Yanggao preserved apricot. Art craft include bronze hotpot and coal carving.
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