Hotel in Hangzhou China

Capital: Hangzhou, 杭州, Hángzhōu

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Hotel in Hangzhou China

Postby long_way » Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:14 pm

Chinese tourists are just crazy about Hangzhou, it's probably the most popular tourist destination for Chinese tourists in China. Hangzhou is just 1-2 hrs away from Shanghai and it has much more pleasant feel than super big Shanghai.

If you are headed to Hangzhou you may wish to print this list of cheap hotels and hostels in Hangzhou, it may come very handy when you arrive in the city on the West lake.

Learn more about Hangzhou here and here

Gowestchina Youth Hostel, Shuangfeng Branch
杭州西行漫记青年旅舍, 双峰店
24 hours
22 beds in total.
Standard room: 120RMB
Sleeps three: 140RMB
Bed: 45RMB
It was established in October 2007. It is the found by four young backpackers....
Address: 67 Jilong Mountain, Longjing
Tel: 0571 8799 7030

Mingtown Garden Youth Hostel
This hostel is in a refurbished Qing Dynasty villa. Great location on the West shore of the lake. Dorm Beds 50RMB; Rooms begin at 200RMB. Buses 15, 67, 156
Address: 4 Zhaogongdi, (Just off of Yanggongdi Rd.)
Tel: 0571 8797 5883

4 Eyes Youth Hostel
Tucked in the hills of Longjing near Hupao Spring is a refuge for the road weary, city slicker in need of some quality R & R. The place is called the 4 Eyes...
Address: 62 Jiangjun Road
Tel: 0571 8643 5731
Tel: 0571 8643 5821

Hangzhou Jiangnanyi International Youth Hostel
Nice location outside of the city. Great restaurant.
Rooms start at 90RMB. Dorm beds 30RMB.
Common Twin: 100, Standard Room: 170, Mountain View Suite:...
Address: 32 Manjuelong Rd.
Tel: 0571 87153273

Gowestchina Youth Hostel, Lingying Branch
杭州西行漫记青年旅舍, 灵隐店
24 hours
30 beds in total.
Standard room: 120RMB
Sleeps three: 140RMB
Bed: 40RMB
It was established in October 2007. It is the found by four young backpackers....
Address: 246 Baileiqiao, Lingying Branch Road
Tel: 0571 8799 4733

Star Guest Youth Hostel
Out by the zoo and up the side of the hill, you've got a hidden gem in Star Guest Youth Hostel's restaurant. Rooms range from 150 to 180RMB.Dorm bed serves...
Address: 228 Siyanjing, Hupao Rd. (junction of Manjuelong Rd.)
Tel: 0571 8715 3077

HouNiao /Migrator Youth Hostel
Dorm Beds 50RMB; Rooms start at 168RMB.
Address: No.1 Qingzhiwu, Yu Quan (South gate of Zhejiang University)
Tel: 0571 8796 1219 (7am-11pm)
Tel: 0571 8183 4428 (12am-7am)

Wushan Yi International Youth Hostel
Dorm bed 35RMB; Double room 130RMB; Busses 12, K12, K187, Y1, Y2, Y7
Address: 96 Siyiting, Siyi Rd.
Tel: 0571 8701 8790

Amber Youth Hostel
Dorm Beds 50RMB; Rooms range from 138 to 168RMB
Address: No.196 Si yan jing, Hupao Rd.
Tel: 0571 8715 3373

Backpacker Hostel, South
Dorm beds from 45RMB; Rooms range from 100 to 258RMB
Address: No. 1 Si Yan Jing, Hupao Rd.
Tel: 0571 8715 3033

Hangzhou International Youth Hostel
Fantastic location on the South shore of the lake. Lots of parks, pubs, and restaurants to keep you occupied. Rooms start at 200RMB. Beds start at 45RMB....
Address: 101 Nanshan Rd.
Tel: 0571 8791 8948

Gui Lu Hostel
Rooms start at 180RMB; Beds start at 50RMB
Address: No.236 Si Yan Jing, Hupao Rd.
Tel: 0571 8715 3215

Xinyu International Youth Hostel
Rooms start at 288RMB; Beds start at 40RMB
Standard Room: 288, Single Room: 288, Suite: 368. These three types all included breakfast. Extra bed:...
Address: 21 Qingchun Rd.
Tel: 0571 8724 4888

You Ke Youth Hostel
Dorm beds range from 40-45RMB; Rooms start at 80RMB; Bike rental available
Address: 91 Si Yan Jing, Hupao Rd
Tel: 0571 8796 0788

Hangzhou West Lake Youth Hostel
24 hours
40-55RMB/bed, 250RMB/king size room.
If you are reading this, then you probably already have a place to lay your head, but maybe you aren't happy with it....
Address: 62-3 Nanshan Road, next to Jing Temple
Tel: 0571 8702 7027
Tel: 0571 8803 0237

Longshangxing Hostel
Address: 17 Xia Man Jue Long
Tel: 0571 8577 8600
Tel: 0571 8577 8611

Yu Hu Wan Hostel
Address: 29 Chishan Bu, Santaishan Rd.
Tel: 0571 8762 0058

Backpacker Hostel, Shuguang
Rooms start at 120RMB; Beds start at 45RMB
Address: No.1 building Shuguang Apt.
Tel: 0571 8798 0855
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