Residence Status Certificate Application Procedure

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Residence Status Certificate Application Procedure

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Residence Status Certificate Application Procedure

1.Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan citizens and Overseas Chinese working or studying in China.
2.Foreign citizens with ordinary passport who have been working or studying in China for more than one year.
B.Application Documents Required:
a.Valid Identification Documents
1.Applicant from Hongkong or Macao presents the Hongkong or Macao Travel Permit.
2.Applicant from Taiwan presents the Taiwan Travel Permit.
3.Overseas Chinese presents current Chinese passport, original and translation of Permanent Residence Permit issued by foreign country.
4. Foreign Applicant presents passport with current visa.
5.Applicant working in China presents the Foreigner Employment Permit, the Foreign Expert Certificate, or the Operation Certificate of Resident Representative Office of Foreign(Area) Enterprise.
6.Applicant studying in China presents the official letter issued by school.
b.Residence Registration Certificate.
c.Two recent 2-inch photos with pale blue background.
All documents listed above require originals and certified copies ( not including photos )
C.Applicant is obligated to go through procedures by himself/herself. The certification can not be reissued in case of loss.
D. Time for Approval
It takes ten workdays to be processed with all required documents. ( Saturdays are exempted from workdays )
E. Office Hours
Monday to Saturday
F. Office Address
No.2 Andingmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
(Southeast of BeiXiaoJie Flyover, 2nd Ring Road)
Public transportation
BeiXiaoJieHuoKou Stop
by Bus NO.44, 13, 116, 807, 117, 2special(Te-Er),
or YongHe Temple Stop by Underground Line 2.
G. Information Tel. 84020101

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