Do you need a tour guide when you travel in Shanghai ?

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Do you need a tour guide when you travel in Shanghai ?

Postby qinqin » Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:49 pm

Do you need a tour guide when you travel in Shanghai ?
Hey,guys,Do you need a personal tour guide when travel in shanghai ? Confirm with qinqin, you will become very lucky since the moment you contact with her!

Personal tour guide with van rental service based in Shanghai (

Hi , my name is Qinqin, a beautiful, passionate and easy going chinese girl in shanghai , i graduated in 2007 with English major. Afterwards i came to shanghai by myself and worked in a company as a sales in oversea department. During my spare time ,i work as a tour guide in shanghai and cities around shanghai such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, water towns, etc.

So after three years working experience, i am very confident that i can offer following high quality service:
1. Tour guide:conventional tour including culture introduction, ,history introduction, ,food recommendation teaching shopping tips ,entertainment introduction or design the specialized tour and best route according to clients' interests and requests.
2. Shopping Assistant:teaching you most competitive shopping tips and without commission.such as tailor-made clothes, glass shopping, pearl shopping, electronic shopping, etc
3. Car Rental/Motorcycle rental Service ,Airport/train station pickup & see off ,
4. Ticket booking such as acrobatic show tickets, Impressions of West Lake,etc
5. Help to buy products from taobao with good quality and cheap price.

Please feel free to contact with me if you are interested in the above service, Once you start to contact , you will never regret.

Contact information :

Do you need a business interpreter &assistant for your business trip CHINA?
Hey, Do you need a business interpreter & assistant to make your business trip much easier ? Feel free to contact with qinqin, your joyful and fruitful business trip will start from the moment you contact with her !

Professional business interpreter / translator/ assistant based in shanghai China (

Hi,this is qinqin .(which has the same pronunciation with English words” chin chin”). I graduated in 2007 with english major, so i am very confident with my english skilles including reading ,writing, listening ,speaking and translation . In the past three years , i have been involved in many different kinds industries , such as automation industry, food industry, promotional products , garment industry, machinery industry, etc. so i am very familiar with international business .

And i can offer the following service with high quality:
1.Business interpreter for business meetings, visiting suppliers, negotiating price, booth exhibitor ,visiting exhibitions, etc
2:Business assistant including set up company in china ; search for suppliers or clients ; make appointment with suppliers or potential clients ; assist to negotiate price, assist to make the contract ; monitor the products quality ; track the order ; remit the payment ; etc
3. Airport/train station pickup & see off , ticket booking and Car Rental
4. Hotel/restaurant/massage/spa recommendation and reservations.

Please feel free to contact if you need a hand for your business in china. It will be my pleasure to work with you and grow with your business.

Contact information :
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