Buying Expo 2010 Tickets

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Buying Expo 2010 Tickets

Postby long_way » Tue May 25, 2010 3:50 am

Many people have been visiting Shanghai these days all because of Expo 2010 Exhibition. Buying tickets for this event is not always that easy due to huge demand.

More info on Expo tickets can be found here:

However probably the easiest way is to call information line and ask them at which locations they have tickets available; just call + 86-21-962010 and then press 2 for English (If you call from Shanghai just dial 962010) and they will tell you at which locations you can purchase Expo tickets.

Also you can purchase the tickets at the entrance gates, starting at 8:00AM.

For very popular pavilions like for example Chinese pavilion (most of the visitors are Chinese) lineups form as early as 6:00AM because first 1000 visitors are admittes at the time the gate opens.

Even the less popular pavilions like Polish pavilion see up to 30000 vistors a day. According to some reports people wait up to 8 hours to see the Japanese pavilion.

Last a couple of days (around May 25, 2010) temperatures were around 30 C, in summer months most likely it will be between 30 and 40 C.

Edited May 28, 2010.

I spent the whole day yesterday at the Expo ground so this is my brief report:

In short: too much fuss about nothing!

My wife wanted to see the Chinese pavilion so someone told her we should arrive at the gate no later than 7:30AM (9:00 is the opening time) so we did and we found hundreds of people already lined up. We picked one of the lines at the gate 5 and later realized we made mistake because that was the most outer line up, ideal for queue jumping; so maybe 30 min later a group of at least 50 Chinese arrived and totally ignored the existing line, they formed another one next to it! Later the police discussed something with them but they would not budge. Eventually they have to merge with our line...

First we passed through the security check very similar to the one at the airport and after that we were told that only first 1000 visitors can request reservation ticket for the Chinese pavilion, there was way more than 1000 people in front of us so we went to other Pavilions, those that did not have huge line in front of them.

In total we visited around 10 pavilions: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Serbia, Denmark, Croatia, general pavilion on urban living...

Most of them had very imresive multimedia presentations which introduced life in those respective countries; more developed countried - more sofisticated presentations...

Most pavilions are within walking distance althugh there are shuttle buses (free) available too.

Russian, German, French especially Japanese and Chinese pavilions had huge line-ups, waiting time is measured in hours and since the temperature was over 30 C yesterday (today is cool with slight rain) we did not want to spend so much time waiting.

Expo ground closes at 12 but many pavilions around or before 10:00PM; you can buy ticket for 1/2 price (Y80) after 5 and I thin this is a good idea unless you want to see several popular pavilions because in the evening it is not as crowded, nor as hot as during the day.

Once again this whole show could easily go under another name: World Tourist Fare; this was by no means 1893 Chichago World Expo ('s_Co ... Exposition ) where some revolutionary scientific advancements were displayed (eg Tesla alternating current presentation). I feel Shanghai World Expo dos not deserva all the air time it got.
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