How to use Shanghai Metro

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How to use Shanghai Metro

Postby long_way » Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:37 pm

If you are heading to Shanghai for the first time you may want to check these few pictures because it may help you get from point A to point B without too much frustration.

Take a good look at the map because you don't want to go in the wrong direction: ... etro_0.jpg

It's time to buy your ticket. You can do that either using one of the vending machines: ... etro_2.jpg

Ticket vending machine: ... 4cba_b.jpg

or you can line up and just tell the lady who is selling the ticket the name of the station where you want to go (or you can write it down if you think your pronunciation may confuse her). She will give you the right ticket. ... etro_3.jpg

Here is how your ticket looks like: ... etro_4.jpg

One more look at the map won't hurt: ... tro_4b.jpg

Now that you have your ticket you need to pass through the gate. Insert your ticket into the opening just below this green disk (if you have Shanghai Transportation Card, which is different than the card that you have, then just touch this green disk with your card). The machine will read your card in a second and the card will pop out at the top, just behind the green disk. Don't lose your card, you will needed it again when you decide to leave the metro. ... etro_8.jpg

When you get down, on the main platform where you will be waiting for the train you have to decide where to wait for the train, on the left side or the right side... choose "the right" side :)
Take a look at the map again, your station (where you are at) is marked in red. As you can see in this picture the train will come from the left and continue to the right, so if your destination is in that direction then you are waiting at the right spot: ... etro_5.jpg ... etro_6.jpg

When you get off at your destination station and want to leave the metro station just follow the "EXIT" sign and you will find the exit gate. Repeat the same process like when you were getting in; insert your card into the opening underneath the green disk however this time your card won't show up on the top (the machine will keep it, for others to use it) however you will be able to pass through. ... etro_8.jpg
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