How to get to Shanghai Stadium?

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How to get to Shanghai Stadium?

Postby long_way » Fri Mar 28, 2008 11:35 am

If you want to visit any of the local tourist sights like Ancient Water Towns near Shanghai then the most convenient way to do that is to take one of many buses that depart almost hourly from the Shanghai Stadium.

It is very easy to find the stadium if you use subway; here is how you get there:

Use Subway Line 1 from People's Square, for example, and get off at "Shanghai Indoor Stadium" station: ... ba3e_b.jpg

this is the exit from the subway next to the stadium: ... 89e7_b.jpg ... 00e9_b.jpg ... a84f_b.jpg

Just around the corner from the subway exit (no more than 200m away) is the entrance gate to the stadium (when you enter, turn right): ... 33b0_b.jpg

chances are you will find one of this big maps and after that you will easily find your way to the "Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Centre": ... d0c8_b.jpg

this is where you can buy the tickets (buses are departing just in front of this building): ... 5df8_b.jpg

This pictures were taken in December of 2007, here you can see the list of destinations and how much you need to pay (it helps if you can read Chinese, though): ... 1d57_b.jpg

You can buy your bus ticket here (some employees do speak English): ... 62ac_b.jpg

you can also buy train tickets here (commission is Y5): ... 229e_b.jpg

this bus is leaving for Zhouzhuang Water Town (the ticket office is in the background): ... 880e_b.jpg

people looking for work also come to Shanghai stadium: ... 8dbb_b.jpg ... b32b_b.jpg
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