Nanjing Rd Girls (Scam)

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Nanjing Rd Girls (Scam)

Postby long_way » Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:06 pm

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The Shanghai Scam

Male Tourists Beware

I am not sure if this is a new phenomenon or weather I have been blind in my previous visits to Shanghai.

I recently spent a few days in Shanghai (I live in Anhui) to pick up a friend who was arriving from NZ to visit for a week or so. We spent a few days in Shanghai and as most visitors do we spent a lot of time in Nanjing Road (Walking Street) and The Bund.

On our first night together we ventured around Shanghai and ended up early in the evening in Nanjing Road a little foot sore and hungry. We were soon accosted by quite a pretty young girl, who spoke a little English and asked where we were from, where we were going and if we had eaten yet. We told her we were from Australia (a lie) and said we were just visiting Shanghai. We asked if she could recommend a good restaurant for us to go to. Immediately she was on her cell phone (I thought to a restaurant) and very soon another fairly pretty and young Chinese girl appeared. Her English was much better and we got the same questions from her. They said they would take us to a restaurant and although my friend was keen to eat at Taco Bell's the girls didn't want that - it had seemed that they had invited themselves along. I thought Ok then, food is cheap here and at least they could help us to order. As we were going down a side street off Nanjing Road I looked back and the girl walking with my friend had her hand in his - hmmmmm I thought. No sooner than I had that thought, the girl walking with me had her hand in mine - at this stage I was a little uncomfortable.

We arrived at a small Chinese restaurant where after the girls spoke to the owner we were given a single menu, which the girls ordered from.

Some of the prices were very expensive!!!!!

We had a small meal (5 dishes in total) and one beer - the bill was 570.00Rmb, horrifically expensive. We tried to argue the point, but it all fell on deaf ears - we paid and left - then the girls wanted to go to a coffee bar. My friend and I had already decided we were being scammed, but we went along anyway. They had coffee, I had beer, they also ordered fruit, which we did not want - again the bill was very expensive.

After we parted company we followed the girls unbeknown to them. They tried to pick on other visitors (European only), but were not as lucky as they were with us fools.

We were approached again and again many times that night.

The next night we had a plan - we would scam the scammers.

Within minutes of getting to Nanjing Rd we were hit on, it was early so we thought, yeah why not. These particular two girls were not as pretty as the two from the previous night, but were quite pushy. The one that hit on me was all over me and said she would give me a massage when we got to the coffee shop. We went up about seven floors and were shown into a private booth with a sliding door. A waitress came in and again we were not shown the menu, but the girls did the ordering (supposedly drinks only), but again out came a tray of unordered food.

At this point my friend got a little angry and it showed on his face. He gave me the prearranged word, then said he was going to the toilet. One of the girls said that they did not like my friend and that I should get rid of him, so the three of us could have some fun. They were in eager agreement of that. I quickly finished my 40rmb beer and said I would go and talk to him and arrange to meet him back at the hotel. One girl followed me - when I saw my friend, I said we are out of here. The girl tried to grab a hold of me and I pushed her backwards as we flew down 7 flights of stairs, pushing the lift buttons on each floor to slow the lift in case someone followed us.

The bill that the girls would have paid for would have easily been 300rmb.

We were to later find that these girls are in with the coffee shops and restaurants that they take you to and that they have special menus that are given to these girls - they get free food, plus a cut of the bill paid.

We saw those two girls later and they were not happy to say the least.

So male visitors to Shanghai BEWARE. These girls are not to be trusted no matter what they say, they will promise you all kinds of things, but nothing will happen except your wallet will be lighter.
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