Where to Eat, Shop and Play in Shanghai

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Where to Eat, Shop and Play in Shanghai

Postby long_way » Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:41 pm

These pdf files are transcripts of articles published in budgetravelonline.com and written by Dan Washburn (published in 2006, may not be totally up to date):

http://www.danwashburn.com/clips/budget ... nYours.pdf

And you can also download the addresses of the places he mentioned in his story (in English and Chinese) here: http://budgettravelonline.com/bt-srv/im ... anghai.pdf

if these links disappear you can download the documents from here:

http://cid-0fec1ea2888f0549.skydrive.li ... nYours.pdf

http://cid-0fec1ea2888f0549.skydrive.li ... anghai.pdf
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