Bad Peoples Hanging Coffins at Bawu Gorge

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Bad Peoples Hanging Coffins at Bawu Gorge

Postby long_way » Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:07 pm

"This is an interesting sight to see in Bawu Gorge (巴雾峡) in Chongqing. It is a display of about 108 hanging coffins which is a representation of one of China's ancient histories. It was believed in the past that the higher a dead man was buried, the more dutiful their descendants would be, and hence the ranking coffin represented the rank of the dead person."

Where is Bawu Gorge?

"Daning River: The Three Little Gorge 长江小三峡

This breathtakingly beautiful area has only been open to overseas tourists since 1985 and for this reason it remains largely unspoiled. A day trip up the crystal-clear Daning River 大宁河 (a 300-kilometer-long tributary joins the Yangtze River at the mouth of the Wuxia Gorge), through its magnificent Three Little Gorges---whose total length is 50 kilometers—is to experience the excitement and awe of bygone days of river travel in China."

"The Daning River then meanders through terraced hillsides before entering the 10-kilometer (6.21 miles) Misty Gorge, with its dramatic scenery of rocks, peaks and caves, including Fairy Maiden Cave, Fairy Throwing a Silk Ball, and Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) Seated on a Lotus Platform. A long layered formation, like a scaly dragon, can be seen on the eastern cliff. Suspended upon the precipice is a relic of the ancient inhabitants of eastern Sichuan 2,000 years ago, an ‘iron’ coffin (which is actually made of wood that has turned black with age),hence the Iron Coffin Gorge."

The village of Shuanglong or Twin Dragons in Chinese (population about 300), above Bawu Gorge 巴雾峡,is the halfway point. Lunch is provided at the reception centre, which also has ten rooms for overnight accommodation."
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