Shang Yang 商子, "The Book of Lord Shang:

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Shang Yang 商子, "The Book of Lord Shang:

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Shang Yang 商子, "The Book of Lord Shang: Bilingual Edition, English and Chinese 商君書: Classical Chinese Lionshare Study Guide Edition"
English, Chinese | ASIN: B00NB05QAU | 2014 | EPUB | 147 pages | 220.67 KB

This edition of The Book of Lord Shang features both English and Chinese side-by-side for easy reference and bilingual support. The chapters are organized and hyper-linked easy reading and navigation.

This Chinese classic text is one of the major works of the Legalist school of Chinese philosophy, an early Legalist work generally attributed to the eponymous Lord Shang (Shangzi, 商子). It is a foundational work of that pragmatic and authoritarian tradition: The Book of Lord Shang teaches that laws are designed to maintain the stability of the state from the people, who are innately selfish and ignorant. There is no such thing as objective goodness or virtue; it is obedience that is of paramount importance. The philosophy espoused in this work is quite explicitly anti-Confucian.
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