Astronomy and Calendars

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Astronomy and Calendars

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Jean-Claude Martzloff, "Astronomy and Calendars – The Other Chinese Mathematics: 104 BC - AD 1644"
2016 | ISBN-10: 3662497174 | 471 pages | PDF | 6 MB

Presented from the viewpoint of the history of mathematics, this book explores both epistemological aspects of Chinese traditional mathematical astronomy and lunisolar calendrical calculations. The following issues are addressed: (1) connections with non-Chinese cultural areas; (2) the possibility or impossibility of using mathematics to predict astronomical phenomena, a question that was constantly raised by the Chinese from antiquity through medieval times; (3) the modes of representation of numbers, and in particular the zero, found in the context of Chinese calendrical calculations; and (4) a detailed analysis of lunisolar calendrical calculations. Fully worked-out examples and comparisons between the results of calculations and the content of Chinese historical calendars from various periods are provided.
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