Best China travel video clips

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Best China travel video clips

Postby long_way » Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:42 am

More than often before the trip to China we ask ourselves: What places should I include in my itinerary?

There are so many interesting places to see in China and most of us can afford (financially and time-wise) a vacation of aproximately one month or less.

We have to pick and choose, make decisions that are often not easy to make.

Personally I find video clips very useful because I can see brief video clips recorded by other travellers and I get an impression of the place, which is a bit stronger than if I just checked photo web sites like Flickr.

At this time probably the best China video clips web site is and I recommend that you check it out before you trip to China.

Even if you won't travel to China in the near future still you can find interesting video material there.

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