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Before you upload your videos to

Postby long_way » Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:05 am

Most digital cameras nowadays can record short video-clips (probably the majority of video-clips uploaded to are recorded using simple digital cameras as opposed to more expensive video-cameras).

Typically the recorded footages are in AVI format which render fairly good quality picture but avi files are pretty big (one minute of such video recording can generate a file around 100Mb in size) which is time consuming when you decide to upload such a file to

Of course it would take too long to play back such 100Mb video so when you upload your big file to youtube they will convert it into one smaller file (flv or flash video file) and one bigger one (mp4 - much better quality than flv but much smaller size than the original avi file).


In order to save your time you can convert your avi files into mp4 format even BEFORE you upload them to youtube...

Just download this fantastic little program called "Mediacoder" from:

and in just a couple of minutes all your avi files will be converted into mp4 format and ready for upload to youtube.

If some video editing is needed before you upload your video clips you can use "Avidemux" free open source software:

And don't forget to share your travel videos with others! :)
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