Video Sites Better Than YouTube

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Video Sites Better Than YouTube

Postby long_way » Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:12 pm

Originally published at ... s-youtube/ on 26 January 2009.

Having the latest YouTube camcorder is one thing, but is YouTube the best place to upload your video? In this second Social Media Mentalism post, I’ve compiled a list of 15 video sites that are even better than YouTube, allowing you to capture a much a wider audience, and ultimately become Internet famous!

What do you do with all those videos you’ve recorded? You need to publish them to as many different places as possible. Don’t just upload a video and leave it a that, though. To become a social media rockstar, you need to engage with your audience. Create your own video channel, encourage people to comment on your videos, and always reply to any commenter.

And don’t just think YouTube is the only place to upload your video. It might be the obvious place to upload your vids, but there are many video sites that are even better than YouTube.

Vimeo ( ) - Like YouTube, but offers higher definition, and has the concept of Projects, in which people work together to work on a video project about.

MetaCafe ( )- YouTube clone ( )- Can format your video for a wide array of different players, from iTunes to YouTube, even to mobile phones.

Veoh ( )- Video aggregator site that lets you upload videos, watch videos from Veoh and YouTube, and even watch TV and videos from the major studios (including Lost).

Viddler ( ) - Another simple YouTube clone

Revver ( ) - Can email videos to your friends and fans, submit video to iTunes, or even create your own .tv site. Also has a powerful API for creating your own video-based applications. Best of all, though, you can install a WordPress plugin that lets you publish, track and manage your video all from your WordPress blog. Revver host the videos, so you don’t need to worry about bandwidth, the video is fully embeddable in any other web site or blog, and all links point back to your site (unlike YouTube, which points back to itself). Revver even allows your audience to submit comments via video.

Flickr ( )- Yahoo!’s famous image site now supports video as well. The potential audience is huge, but each video is limited to 90 seconds (think of it as Twitter for video).

And you thought the only video site on the Web was YouTube!

However, if you really want to be social media rockstar, you need to be on all of these sites. Luckily there’s one simple way that you can do this without having to upload your video umpteen different times. TubeMogul ( ) is a new site that will automatically publish your video on most of the sites I’ve just listed, and give you all the tracking information you need so you can see how many of your fans are watching you. You need only upload your video once to TubeMogul - TubeMogul itself will then publish your video on the other sites for you, saving you time and bandwidth.

Once you’ve uploaded your video to these sites, you can then focus on establishing your personal brand by managing your channels, monitoring how often your videos are viewed, and tracking where over the web your videos are being embedded.

The sites listed above all let you publish video that you’ve already recorded. What if you’re at some major event, though, and want to publish video in realtime as it happens? Luckily, the Web’s got the answer for you (as always!) ( ) - takes YouTube to the next level. The site looks fantastic, you can create your won Kyte channel (perfect for wannabe rockstars with a dedicated audience), and, best of all, it supports live streaming from your camcorder or mobile phone. If you’re at the scene of something interesting, will ensure your pictures are relayed in real time to a welcoming world. ) - similar to Kyte, put lets your audience chat over your video as well.

Qik ( ) - designed more for live streaming from a mobile phone, but useful if you don’t have your camcorder with you.
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