Make sure you know what you eat!

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Make sure you know what you eat!

Postby long_way » Thu Jun 05, 2008 8:14 am

When you go to China you will be tempted to buy food sold on the street. In most cases that is perfectly fine, food sold on the food stands is inexpensive and tasty (for example lamb Skewers) however there is a slight possibility (I repeat: it does not happen that often) that the street vendor is selling something different than what is advertised. For example they may say that they sell deep-fried pigeons but in fact the meat that you see on the plate is actually deep-fried rat. This is an extreme example, much more common is for example dog meat or snake meat (usually a delicacy at expensive restaurants). Mid-range restaurants and food sold in supermarkets are the best options for budget travelers.

(WARNING: the following five pictures are pretty graphic so if you have a sensitive stomach please don't click on the links below!) ... geon_1.jpg ... geon_2.jpg ... geon_3.jpg ... geon_4.jpg ... geon_5.jpg
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