How expensive are things in China?

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How expensive are things in China?

Postby long_way » Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:17 pm

Before you go to China you sure want to know how much money you need for the trip. It is very difficult to give a precise answer to that question simply because it depends where you go (cities in the south-east side of China are more expensive than those in the north-west) and also where you shop (if you buy things on the street it is far less expensive than if you shop at the department stores).

To give you a better idea how much Chinese people pay for everyday items I picked up one of the Carrefour fliers when I was in Shanghai in November of 2007. I scanned all 4 pages and you can take a look here:

Page1: ... page_1.jpg

Page 2: ... page_2.jpg

Page 3: ... page_3.jpg

Page 4: ... page_4.jpg

One Canadian (or US) dollar is worth approximately 7 yuan.

Carrefour is a western style supermarket (owned by a French-Chinese company) with several locations in Shanghai and items sold there are more expensive than if you buy them in small stores elsewhere but less expensive than the same items sold at most big department stores.

I think it is safe to take those prices as the starting point for your budget calculation for the trip.

This is Carrefour's (家乐福) web site:

You may want to check out web site of another Shanghai supermarket, called LOTUS, here is the web site:
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