What Chinese women want from their partners?

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What Chinese women want from their partners?

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January 16, 2015

Home and money, not love: What Chinese women want from their partners?

In 1813, ‪#‎JaneAusten‬ had opined that “a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

If she were to rewrite that landmark opening sentence from ‪#‎PrideandPrejudice‬, it’d probably sound a bit like this: “a single man in want of a wife must deem the most important of all deeds, a ‪#‎property‬ deed.”

Granted, that lacks Austen’s literary flourish, but it does reflect the growing demand of young Chinese women when it comes to choosing their partners.

According to a report by Baihe.com, a well-known ‪#‎Chinese‬ ‪#‎dating‬ website with approximately 85 million registered users, nearly 75% of women in China want their husbands to earn at least twice as much as they do. That was the finding of a survey conducted by the website, covering 70,000 people.

Also significantly, nearly 72% of the female respondents said that the man should own a house before they’d consider getting married to him. That figure is up from 68% in 2012. The findings are a bit of a surprise for experts, who had thought that the New Marriage Law of 2011 would have resulted in reducing the emphasis on property.

Under the earlier law, assets were jointly held by the couple, irrespective of whose name was on the property deed. However, under the new law, the asset legally belongs to the individual whose name is on the deed.

According to experts, the preference for partners who own property is something that is deeply embedded in Chinese psyche. What that means is that there is immense pressure on young men, particularly those from humble backgrounds living in big cities, to accumulate enough assets to attract a partner.

What adds further complexity to this social dynamic is the demographic situation in the country. China has an estimated 33 million more men of marriageable age than women.

The Baihe.com report also offers some interesting, and perhaps disturbing, insights about the changing attitudes towards ‪#‎marriage‬.

For instance, nearly half the singles who participated in the survey said that they didn’t believe that love was the basis of a happy marriage. These people were much more concerned with factors like wealth and physical appearance.

Clearly, there is one quote from Pride and Prejudice that needs no updating when it comes to these youngsters: “Money is the best recipe for happiness.” Or at least, so it seems.
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