World Heritage Sites in China

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World Heritage Sites in China

Postby long_way » Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:17 pm

One of the most difficult decisions that the average traveler needs to make before their trip to China is which places to include in the itinerary; the travel guide books are as thick as telephone books so no wonder that questions like "I have two weeks time to spend in China, where should I go?" are posted again and again at most visited China travel forums.

One section of this web site ( ) will be dedicated to that problem but for now it is strongly recommended that you visit UNESCO World Heritage web site: ... s_in_China

See the panoramic view of most of the World Heritage sites here:

which is very informative and very well done so you will get a chance to read some basis information about dozens of sites in China which are designate as World Heritage Sites because of their beauty and/or historical significance. Practically all places listed there are fantastic items for any travel itinerary. You won't be able to see them all in one trip (unless you stay in China for several years) but it would be wise to include some of those places in your itinerary regardless what plans you might have otherwise.

For supplemental information you can copy the name of the place into or

search box and you will get thousands of pictures taken in each of those places.

If you need more information about each of those destinations you can copy and paste the name of the place into or

search box and chances are you will get instructions how to get there, ticket prices, accommodation recommendations etc...

The World Heritage Sites list is a goldmine!
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