Olympic Visa Requirements (effective April 15-2008)

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Olympic Visa Requirements (effective April 15-2008)

Postby long_way » Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:57 pm

Just before the beginning of the Olympic games in Beijing 2008 Chinese consulates have modified their visa application rules (making them more complicated). Effective April 15th 2008 most applicants have to provide additional documents/information (on top of valid passport and completed visa application form) and those rules are still in effect (this article is written on September 01, 2008).

Chinese Consulate in Vancouver (Canada) has a recorded message (604-734 -0704) which provides information what documents are needed when applying for tourist (L) visa and other types of visas too.

This message is recorded as mp3 file and uploaded here:

http://cid-0fec1ea2888f0549.skydrive.li ... 4-0704.mp3

You can also visit the web site and read the same information here:

http://vancouver.china-consulate.org/en ... 425599.htm

more information on visas, procedure for child adoption in China etc can be found here:

http://vancouver.china-consulate.org/en ... efault.htm
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