Violin Unison Hits During China's Cultural Revolution (2008)

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Violin Unison Hits During China's Cultural Revolution (2008)

Postby alex » Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:05 pm

Violin Unison Hits During China's Cultural Revolution (2008)
EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Covers | 275 MB
Classical/20th Century | Label: JB Record
Cat.: ISRC-CN-A490438700 | RS/MU

Despite the tragic circumstances of its origin, the musical legacy of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution continues to fascinate both foreigners and Chinese alike. From John Adams' recreation of a scene from the famous model ballet "The Red Detachment of Women" to disco versions of Maoist songs that brought young Chinese to their feet in local dance-halls in the 2000s, the music has somehow managed to endure. One of the oddest genres to emerge was the unison violin ensemble, as the current collection demonstrates. Typically the music consisted of "Light Classical" arrangements of patriotic propaganda songs and excerpts from the model operas and ballets. While somewhat naive, these little songs have an undeniable charm and remain a truly curious - if morally ambiguous- cultural artifact from the Cultural Revolution.
01 Joyful Journey to the Country-side
02 Busy with Delivering Night Soil
03 Mountain Air on Mt. Yimeng
04 Combating the Drought at Tiger-head Mountain
05 The Sun Shines so Red at Mt. Jingganshan
06 Joyful Woman Detachment
07 We are Pioneering Youth Squad
08 Flowers Compete to Bloom
09 Four Season Tune
10 Thinking of Beijing with Great Passion
11 Chairman Mao is the Red Sun
12 People from Yanbian Love Chairman Mao
13 Our Beloved Leader Chairman Mao
14 Sweet-scented Osmanthus Glorifies August
15 Take Dazai Village as the Guiding Example
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