Bao Yuankai Chinese Sights and Sounds (2006)

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Bao Yuankai Chinese Sights and Sounds (2006)

Postby alex » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:35 pm

Bao Yuankai Chinese Sights and Sounds (2006)
EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | 2 CD | Cover | 317 MB
Classical/20th Century | Label: People's Music Publishing House
Cat.: ISBN:9787103035467 | RS/MU

Bao Yuankai is among China's most beloved classical composers. Writing, for the most part in the officially sanctioned 'Pentatonic Romanticism' idiom, Bao's music frequently draws upon regional folk songs and traditional Chinese culture for inspiration. Among his most popular works are the 24 sketches for piano known as "Chinese Sights and Scenes." Over the years, selections for this collection have been arranged for every conceivable combination of Chinese and western instruments, even vocal arrangements. Bao himself would orchestrate 16 of the pieces himself. The current collection features all 24 sketches in their original versions for solo piano, performed by Zhu Peibin.
From the composer's website:Yuankai Bao is a Chinese composer and music educator, who graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in 1967. He has been a professor of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music since 1973. He also serves as the Deputy Director of the Composition Committee of the Chinese Musicians’ Association, the Director of Arts Institute at Xiamen University, and executive member of the China Sun Yat-sen Cultural Exchange Association. He was member of Music Research, one of the major academic journals in the country, as well as a member of the panel of judges for the composition competition “Golden Bell Awards”. In recognition of his dedication and achievements towards music education and composition, Mr. Bao was one of the first music educators to receive the special grant from the Chinese State Council and the “Outstanding Music Educator” Award from the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

Mr. Bao's compositions include Chinese Sights and Sounds: 24 Themes on Chinese Folk Tunes, for orchestra; Sketches of Taiwan, orchestral suite; Symphony No.1 (‘Commemoration’); Symphony No. 2 (‘Sketch of War’); Symphony No. 3 (‘Peking Opera”, Symphony No. 4 (‘Amoy’); and the oratorio The King Yu, performed by the Four Seasons children’s chorus and the Jingpo National Children's Folk Rhyme.

CD 1
1. Little Cabbage
2. The Little Cowherd
3. Jasmine
4. Can You Guess What Flower It Is
5. Flowing Stream
6. Song of Wrangler
7. Blossoming for Rainwater
8. Song of Riddles
9. A Girl Who Carries Water
10. The Amusing Couple
11. Going to Jiangzhou
12. Lan Huahua
CD 2
13. Expecting the Blossom of Scholar tree
14. Yellow Poplar Shouldering Pole
15. Embroider a Pouch
16. Happy Sunrise
17. The Scenery of Wuxi
18. Green Willow
19. Pulling out a Reed Catkin
20. Bamboo-flute Tune
21. Going to West Gate
22. Happy Lantern Festival
23. Mountain Tune
24. Going to Watch Yangge Dance

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