Our World, Our Dream · 我们的世界,我们的梦想 (2009)

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Our World, Our Dream · 我们的世界,我们的梦想 (2009)

Postby alex » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:55 pm

The New Labor Art Troupe · 新工人艺术团 – Our World, Our Dream · 我们的世界,我们的梦想 (2009)
XLD rip | Flac+Cue+Log = 294 MB | Mp3 VBR0 = 105 MB | Scans 400 dpi jpg | rar
CD | ISRC CN-D03-08-314-OO/AJ6 | Folk Rock | China
Booklet with Chinese and English lyrics.

From China Rights Forum:
A Chinese rock and folk band that makes it its mission to give a voice to China's more than 200 million migrant workers. The band was founded in 2002 by Sun Heng (孙恒), who is also founder of Migrant Worker's Home (工友之家), an NGO funded by all the proceeds made by the band. Over the past ten years, the band has reached an audience of about 200,000 migrant workers, performing at construction worksites, schools, companies, and migrant schools. On the album "Our World, Our Dream” (我们的世界,我们的梦想), particularly with the song, Industrial Zone, you are transported into the hearts and minds of migrant workers. Another great song is Day Worker which you can check out on YouTube!

From Migrant Workers Home:
Brief Introduction
Full name: Beijing Migrant Workers Home Cultural and Development Center
We were officially registered in November 2002 with Beijing Industrial and Commercial Administration Department. We are a non-profit civil organization serving for public interests. We are committed to serve migrant workers for the advancement and improvement of their social, cultural, educational, legal and living conditions. We promote the values of mutual help, solidarity and community-based development. We hope to make contributions to China"s economic reform and development, and to her social harmony and progress.
New Workers Art Troupe
The New Workers Art Troupe, formerly The New Labor Art Troupe, was initiated by a group of migrant workers themselves. It is a civil organization that serves for public interests through art. The Team members are migrant workers who have certain talents and who are willing to devote their free time to other workers. Since its establishment on May 1st, 2002, the Troupe has left its footprints in a wide range of places including: construction sites, factories, universities, various enterprises, schools for migrant children and communities where migrant workers reside. The Troupe has performed over five hundred times, reaching out directly to over one hundred thousand audiences, and has gained a lot of attention and praise from migrant workers and the public in general. The aims of the Troupe are: to speak for migrant workers, to call out with our songs, to defend our rights throught art.
Tongxin Primary School
With the initial investment of 75 thousand RMB from the income made by the first CD albulm “Migrant Workers are one Family” by Migrant Workers Troupe, the School was founded in August 2005 in Picun Village. The purpose of the school is to help improve the development and education of migrant children. There are 6 grades, 12 classes and over 500 students in the school, all of which are migrant children. Beside providing the migrant children with their basic education, the school also serves as a community learning and activity center, which provides cultural and educational services.

01. Our World, Our Dream · 我们的世界,我们的梦想 05:10
02. City life 03:28
03. Day worker 03:51
04. Who am I · 我是谁 02:59
05. Life being marginalized 03:25
06. Industrial zone · 工业区 03:39
07. Elevator-operating girl · 电梯姑 04:41
08. Working here as a migrant worker 03:58
09. A migrant worker's meals 03:57
10. With you beside me 03:41
11. My sweetheart comes to see me 04:37
12. Volunteers for community women workers 02:28
Total time: 45:49

Sun Heng: guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals
Xu Duo: bass, harmonica, guitar, vocals
Jiang Guoliang: drums, percussion, vocals
Sun Yuang: keyboard, bass, vocals
Duan Yu: guitar, tambourine, vocals
Pan Xiaolong: suona horn
Zhang Hongqun: orchestration
Children Chorus of the Tongxin Experiment School for the Migrant Workers

http://ul.to/mczwrg91 Flac
http://ul.to/yyq8fo4i mp3

http://www.mediafire.com/download/rqj2i ... reFlac.rar Flac
http://www.mediafire.com/download/gbab6 ... DreMp3.rar
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