Tsai Chin - Folk Songs (1996) [Reissue 2004]

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Tsai Chin - Folk Songs (1996) [Reissue 2004]

Postby alex » Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:18 pm

Tsai Chin - Folk Songs (1996) [Reissue 2004]
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DST64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 64:10 minutes | NO Scans | 1,11 GB
or FLAC(converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/88,2 kHz | Scans NOT included | 1,25 GB

Tsai Chin (Chinese: 蔡琴; pinyin: Cài Qín) is a pop and folk singer from Taiwan. Tsai sings in both Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien, and is known for her naturally magnetic, rich vocals and witty persona.

As a well-known classical music singer,Tsai Chin has been singing for about two decades. She has recorded more than 40 albums and was awarded many prizes. This versatile singer made her way into the music world by singing folk songs.

She is popular with listeners of different ages for her beautiful voice and singing style. Listening to her pure and harmonious songs, you will become indulged in them and forget all the annoyance. Listening to her songs, you will feel like talking with a close friend. All in all, this album is worth listening.


01. 被遗忘的时光 (Those Were The Days)
02. 跟我说爱我 (Tell Me You Love Me)
03. 你的眼神 (Your Eyes)
04. 想你的时候 (When I Think Of You)
05. 抉择 (The Choice)
06. 我的思念 (My Love Letter)
07. 出塞曲 (Farewell My Country)
08. 渡口 (The Ferry)
09. 怎么能 (How Can I)
10. 那些事那些人 (Those Things)
11. 爱断情伤 (电视剧"雷雨"主题曲) (Lost Love Hurt Feelings)
12. 心太急 (Xin Taiji)
13. 点亮霓虹灯 (Neon Lights)
14. 恰似你的温柔 (Just Like Your Tenderness)
15. 再爱我一次 (Love Me Once Again)
16. 谢幕曲 (Finale)

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