Chinese Popup Dictionary (for Firefox browsers)

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Chinese Popup Dictionary (for Firefox browsers)

Postby long_way » Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:27 pm

Chinesepera-kun: Chinese Popup Dictionary 0.2.2 Homepage
by Justin Kovalchuk

Simply put, this extension will allow you read Chinese on websites. This is useful for just getting around a site, or even MORE useful if you are studying Chinese. It works with both Simplified and Traditional characters, and also allows you to export words to a file to study later.

This extension uses dictionary files generously borrowed from and the CEDICT project as well as the UNIHAN character file.

*The export file will be encoded in GB2312 for Simplified and BIG5 for Traditional so be sure to use a program that can read the file correctly.

Direct link to the extension: ... -fx+tb.xpi

(Version 0.2.2 — November 7, 2006 — 6,750 KB)
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