Touched by the Tao: Classical Chinese Meditation for Health

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Touched by the Tao: Classical Chinese Meditation for Health

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Yinong Chong - Touched by the Tao: Classical Chinese Meditation for Health and Healing
English | 2007 | ISBN: 0979759802 | MP3@320 kbps | 78 mins | 192 MB
Genre: Meditation/Energy Healing

This mediation is designed to activate and enhance the healing power inside you. Your healing potential is unlocked through five integrated sessions.

This meditation is long playing - it has as much as we could fit on a CD! Its designed to be a complete meditation practice. If you are serious about meditation, healing or spiritual cultivation, this CD for you. Our teacher, the abbot of a Taoist temple on Lo Fu Mountain, China taught these meditations to people with cancer, auto-immune disease, liver and heart disease and other serious conditions.

1. Opening: Adjust your posture, breathing, and enter a state of stillness. (8:08)
2. Sun and Moon Meditation: Use Secret Taoist Internal Alchemy to gather and cultivate primordial energy or chi. (10:15)
3. Five Elements Meditation: Apply Ancient Wu Hsing philosophy to balance and harmonize your organ energy, the force of our total well-being. (33:54)
4. Self-Healing Meditation: Sacred water, heavenly breeze and universal light are used as powerful media to cleanse and purify the body, remove mental and emotional blockages, and energize your entire being. (21:05)
5. Closing: Return to the state of stillness and properly end the meditation. (5.01) ... theTao.rar
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