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Teresa Teng - Teresa Teng Volume 1 (LPCD 45)

Genre: Mandopop | Lossles: APE+CUE | 396 Mb
Label: Universal Music (HK) | February 1, 2007 | Language: Mandarin

Chinese Bamboo Flute Music: «A Dream of Red Mansions»

Genre: Chinese Classic | DTS Audio 5.1 (BIN+CUE) | 2005 Year | 471 Mb

China Various Artists - Absolutely Develop A Fever 8 (DSD)

Demonstration sound effect CD (Excellent quality)
Genre: Mandopop with elements of the Chinese traditional music | Lossles: APE+CUE | 375 Mb
Label: Jiu Zhou Yin Xiang Chu Ban Gong Si | June 4, 2007 | Language: Mandarin

Huang Jiang Qin - Dong Feng Po

APE + CUE (307 MB) | MP3 CBR 192 kb/s (88 MB) | Chinese Instrumental



Liang Gu Yin - China's Kunqu Opera

Genre: Traditional Chinese Opera | Lossles: APE+CUE | 226 Mb | January 6,2006 SPARS Code: DDD | Label: Shang Hai Sheng Xiang Chu Ban She | ISBN 7799412739| Language: Mandarin

Xi Xiu Lan - Chinese People Songbook

Genre: Mandopop | MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | 109 Mb
Label: Fung Hang Record Ltd. | 1990 Year | Language: Mandarin

HuLuSi Volume 1

Genre: Chinese Instrumental Music | Lossles APE+CUE | 2005 Year | 270 Mb

Li Jin - Orchid

Lossles: APE+CUE | 342 Mb | Language: Mandarin
Label: Guang Zhou Yin Xiang Chu Ban She | May 11, 2007

Huang Jiang Qin - The Past Stay The Same

CUE+APE | Chinese Instrumental | 280 MB

Huang Jiang Qin is one of the best artist in China. In this album, the famous english songs were covered with erhu instrument and others that are very very great.

Su Yun - New Collections Of Chinese Folk Songs Volume 1

Label: Fat Kee Records LTD (HK) | February 9, 2004 | 653 Mb | Language: Mandarin | HDCD: Digital Theater Systems (DTS) – 3 front, 2 rear surround channels + LFE

Zhang Wei-liang - Taste Zen in Tea

New Age | mp3 VBR HQ | 2004 | 89 Mb

Gong Yue - Red Folk Song (DSD)

MP3 192 Kbps, 32000 Hz | February 16, 2007 | Language: Mandarin | 94,7 Mb Publisher: Guang Zhou Yin Xiang Chu Ban She
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QQ Club vs Twins Girls - New Year

MP3 | VBR 192 Kbps | February 2007 | Language: Chinese | 69,6 Mb
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Huan Tung Sun - Tibetan Incantations

mp3 | 320 kbps | 1998 | 75 min | 170 mb
Genre: World, Ethnic, Chants, Meditative
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Frank Steiner Jr. - I Ching Symphony

APE 358 mb | MP3 123 mb | 256 kbps | 67:39 min



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Pure Music - 2006 Top Hi-Fi Compilation Albums Of The Year

Genre: Classical, Chinese Classical, Jazz | MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | January 27, 2007 | 146 Mb | Publisher: Guang Dong Yin Xiang Chu Ban She | DCD-1873 | ISRC CN-F18-06-638-00/A.J

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12 Girls Band - Romantic Energy & Beautiful Energy

Genre: World/Ambient/Instrumental/New Age
MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | Stereo | 325 MB 95.37 MB 95.37 MB 95.37 MB 12.36 MB

20th Century China Song World Celebrity. Hundred Volumes of Treasures: Mao A Min (Collected Prints)

Genre: World, Ethnic, Mando-pop | MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | 1999 Year | Language: Mandarin | 133 Mb



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New Music With Urheen


Beijing Angelic Choir - 6 albums

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From the Hans, Mongolians and Tibet, to Kazakh and Uigur of Xinjiang, the Chinese have enriched the world by its cultural diversities. Now in this album you have an opportunity to tune in the feelings of these different ethnic cultures through their songs. Interpreted by the angelic voices, these ethnic voices reveal more than just words and stories. You get to know the inner conscious of this mysterious and affectionate people. Get ready to explore. Songs include The Babbling Stream from Yunnan and Love Song of Kangding from Sichuan, as well as 10 others.

Track Listing:
01: Alamuhan (Uigur)
02: Gesang Zhuoma (Tibet)
03: Awariguli (Uigur)
04: Flowers and Youths (Hui tribe)
05: The Babbling Stream (Yunnan)
06: At the Faraway Place (Qinhai)
07: Love Song of Kangding (Sichuan)
08: Senjidema (Inner Mongolia)
09: Farewell My Love (Northeastern China)
10: Jasmine in June (Taiwan)
11: Waiting for You throughout the Night (Xinjiang)
12: Duldal and Maria (Kazakh tribe)


Ever hear your songs being sung with a different tongue? No? Then you will be amazed at how these angelic voices will bring to you a new beautiful sound. Clear voices combined with innocent affections give these famous old songs a brand new aspect of experience. Learn the richness of the familiar songs of yours once more by listening to this oriental interpretation.

Track Listing:
01: Bright Eyes
02: Heidenroslein
03: Solvejgs Lied
04: Silver Threads among the Gold
05: Oh! Susanna
06: Believe Me;If all those Endearing Young Charms
07: Beautiful Dreamer
08: La Paloma
09: Mammy;Please Don't Be Angry!
10: Merry Widow Waltz
11: Die Lorelei
12: Nelly Bly
13: Serenade
14: Heidenroslein* [Heaths of Flaxen Rose] (*Title as in Track 2 but NOT the same song.)


Campus garden, comic strips, ice cream under the sun. . .Childhood memories never die no matter how old you are. Beijing Angel Chorus invites you to go into your own `inner child` with 12 popular old songs. Reinterpreted by the frequent award winner chorus, these songs carry both playful joys and some tender forlornness about childhood in a great variety: there are folk songs originated from China, Taiwan, Taiwan aboriginal tribes, Vietnam, Israel and so on. They rejuvenate you. They recall the sweetest experiences of you.

Track Listing:
01: Childhood
02: Song of Splashing Water
03: Moving on in High Spirit
04: Little Flower Hat
05: You Who Shared the Same Desk with Me
06: Pen-hu Beach
07: The Arch Moon
08: Western Wind's Words
09: Malan Girl
10: In the Bamboo Chamber
11: Come Back My Girl
12: Lu-Bing Flower


This stunningly beautiful lullaby CD will definitely lull your little one off to sleep in no time... Very relaxing and beautiful. The tracks might sound a little the same, typical of many lullabies (remember how Wee Willie Winkie sounds almost identical to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa-Baa Black Sheep), but I guess that's good in a way because the CD never really "breaks" - it just flows from track to track, like one big symphony. This is a great way to expose your little one to other cultures and music and I highly recommend it for this reason. Yet be warned, these are not simple lullabies. Even adults will feel at peace listening to these heavenly voices. It is great "background" music for studying, painting, or just relaxing. At the most, it makes for some of the best music I've heard for some time.

Track Listing:
01: You-You-Zha (Mandarin)
02: Clear Moon, Quiet Winds (Northeastern China)
03: Hammock Hanging Between Betel Trees (Guangdong)
04: Puyuma Lullaby (Taiwan)
05: Tu-Jia Lullaby (Hunan)
06: A-Ni-Qie-Er (Hani Tribe, Yunnan)
07: Kitty, Stop Meowing (Anhul)
08: Li Lullaby (Hainan)
09: Lullaby Of The Fisherman's Family (Guangxi)
10: Tibetan Lullaby (Western Tibet)
11: My Brother, Pu-Ru-Lai (Inner Mongolia)
12: A-Lai, Ba-Lang-Mu (Ulgur)


Lullabies heard and loved in different parts of the world, from Mozart's fabulous works to an Indian composer's equally brilliant composition, all share something in common -- a kind of loving tenderness that all of us at any age desire and need. Through the sweet voices of the Beijing Angelic Choir (singing in Chinese);now you can hear and feel the same tenderness from each of these selected lullabies of different culture and music style.

Track Listing:
01: Lullaby [Mozart] (Austria)
02: Lullaby [Brahms] (Germany)
03: Lullaby (Italy)
04: Children Are Asleep (Russia)
05: Autumn Night (England)
06: Sleep, Darling Baby (Mexico)
07: Lullaby [Schubert] (Austria)
08: Lullaby (America)
09: Flow Gently Sweet Afton [J.E. Spilman]
10: Lullaby (Japan)
11: Yi-li Yi-li (Philippines)
12: Lullaby (France)
13: Lullaby (India)


These 13 arrangements of classic folksongs evoke warm memories of simpler days. Produced by a team of Golden Melody Award winners, the blend of the Eastern Angel Chorus's sweet voices returns you to childhood scenes of natural joy-walking country roads, fishing in a pond, listening to the gurgle of a spring, laughing with animals. This collection of songs conjures a magical land for you and your children to wander through. Here you will find the happy child waiting to be discovered within you.

Track Listing:
01: Little Road in the Country
02: Catching the Mudfish
03: A Happy Paradise
04: Aeolian Bell Grass
05: Little Friends who Love to Dance
06: Listen to the Spring
07: The Orchid Grass
08: Boddhi Tree
09: A Turkey in the Hay
10: By the Sea
11: Eight Little Geese
12: Beautiful Night of the Prairie
13: Good-bye My Plain
14: The Big Sea is My Home

China Various Artists - Melody Of Beauties (DSD)



Meditations on China

Chinese Bamboo Flute Music - Spring In The Tibetan Grassland

MP3 | 128 Kbps | 57 MB

The Jing Ying Soloists "Favorite Chinese Instrumentals" (FIM XRCD 019)


Su Hai Zhen - Charm of the Sea

MP3 VBR ~256 Kbps | 48:49 Min | Size: 92,00 Mb
Genre: Chinese-influenced smooth jazz.

Patriotic music of communistic China

MP3 | CBR 192 Kbps | 25 May 2006 | 95,7 Mb

Shi Fu - The Pond of Fairy Mother's Abode (1999)

First solo album of mezzo soprano Mao Ke - The Beautiful Summer Night




Good Day Chinese music

VA - Absolute Melody

Instrumental | VBRkbps Joint-Stereo | 11 tracks | 65:01 min | 90,1 MB

Classical music – CHINESE


Genre: Chinese Pop | MP3 320 Kbps | November 2006 | 97,9 Mb

Folk music of the Chinese provinces

MP3 128 Kbps | Total 454 Mb (54+63+57+67+55+59+50+50 Mb) Quality quite good