February 14,2009

Hello travelers! It makes us happy to announce that www.yilongwei.com has a twin brother, its mirror site at www.yilongwei.org.

Why was that necessary?

The reasons are twofold; on one hand this is an effort to ensure 100% up time of the web site, in other words even in rare event that YLW is not available at its main web address (www.yilongwei.com) due to server error you can still find it at www.yilongwei.org.

The second reason is the hackers; although YLW is not commercial web site and also it does not deal with political or social issues which could arouse strong emotions still some visitors to this web site come with less than honest intentions (of gaining illegal access to the web site). So far only on one occasion, in November of 2007, they have managed to modify the home page of this web site. However their attempts to cause trouble have not ceased. By having the same web site at two physical locations (yilongwei.com is hosted in Vancouver, Canada and yilongwei.org in Montreal, Canada) we hope to minimize possibility of service disruptions.

As always we hope you find our web site useful and interesting and we are looking forward to seeing you coming back again and again!

November 05,2007

I would like to welcome our first Yi Long Wei Friend, Sean! I met Sean in Huangshan City at the university campus. During our brief conversation we introduced each other; Sean told me that he likes sports and English very much... He came across as a very intelligent and energetic young man with a bright future. Soon after that Sean expressed his desire to become an YLW friend, he mailed in his documents and now you can see his profile and contact him if you are heading towards Huangshan or Huangshan City. We are looking forward to signing up many more Yi Long Wei Friends!

August 31,2007

Dear travelers, this web site is still being created, it will take some time before it's finished. The reason for that is that professional web designers/developers charge a lot of money for their work (actually more than what I can afford to pay) so this web site is pretty much "one-man-show", please bear with me. If you find mistakes please send me an e-mail and I will correct them, if you find some technical flaws (e.g. accessibility issues) that's not because I did not think it was important, most likely that's because I did not know how to do it better. I hope you will find information that is offered at this time useful, interesting and visually acceptable. As I said, your suggestions are more than welcome.