• Time to check out from "SAGA International Youth Hostel"
  • I spent 5 days in Beijing, which was not nearly enough to see even the major sites
  • The room and service were good, however snoring was so loud that I had to use earplugs
  •  This is the kind of toilet you will find in many if not most cities in China (2005)
  • This is the hostel patio - travelers socialize here in the evening
  • View from the patio - Beijing smog can be quite thick
  • Time to send some postcards home before leaving
  • The curtain of smog is so thick even the sun is fading out
  • Intersection of Chaoyangmen Beidajie and Jianguomennei Dajie
    who cares? :) this is very close to the train station
  • Beijing Central Train station
  • There is a ticket office for foreigners at the Central beijing Train Station
    I found that out after I already bought my ticket to Taishan
  • It's open practically the whole day...
    When you enter the train station turn left, past the stairs, enter the waiting hall
  • It's on the main level, I found it by chance while I was waiting for the train
  • So I have my train ticket...
  • Here is the train which will take me to Tai'an (the city at the foot of Taishan Mt)
  • Top berth in the hard-sleeper class
  • The lady (conductor) took my ticket and gave my this token
  • I left Beijing around 11:30 PM, this is 5:30 the next morning, approaching Taian
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